You are Eligible To Be Part of the beneficiary of the World Bank $750m Grant.At least everyone can get: XXXXXXMXXXXXX

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After reviewing your application, you have been approved for a $750 million World Bank grant. Your grant if you follow the instructions below: XXXXXXMXXXXXX Will be available immediately.

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Remember, this step is very important, add your phone number to verify. Do not skip any step.

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James and Esther Wambui 179k Comment 634 Share
Luthando Paul I'm disappointed, I only haveXXXXXXCXXXXXX
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Lydia Chioma It's real people, just follow the instructions. If you make a mistake, you only get a small bonus. Thank you for your gift.
like Reply 2m
Fredrick Bandile At first I thought it was fake, but I received my bonus within 5 minutes. Thanks to the World Bank for the donation.
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Ahamle Junio Awesome...anyone got an iPhone 13 for free like I did?
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Sunday Promiseis writing a comment...
Sana khan Best World Bank. Thank you for your donation to me and God bless you.
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